Whistler 7pc Modular Outdoor BBQ Kitchen & Units


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The Whistler Cirencester range offers you flexibility in your design.

The 90°-degree corner units allow you to adapt your kitchen to your outdoor space. Once you have decided on your configuration, you can simply attach the units together with butterfly screws.

Whistler have made it possible for you to store your gas cylinder in the 90-degree corner cabinet, allowing you to hide the bottle deep within the corner, giving the finished kitchen a sleek and tidy look.

This SEVEN Piece Modular Kitchen Compromises of:

1 No. 6 Burner Gas BBQ 1470mm
1 No. Sink Unit 830mm
2 No. 90 Degree Corner Units 630mm
1 No. Cabinet (With 3 Drawers) 830mm
1 No. Cabinet (With 2 Doors & Shelves) 830mm
1 No. Fridge Unit With Glazed Double Doors