Vitavia Orion 3800 6 x 6 Silver Greenhouse with Toughened Glass


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Vitavia Orion greenhouses are ideal for any gardener, the 1.93m wide model is available in 2 sizes. As well as precisely cut glass, the Orion is supplied with UV protected clear polycarbonate panels for the curved eave sections. The curved eaves not only provides an attractive look but also an optimum growing height.

The complete Vitavia range is available in anodised aluminium, powder coated green and some models in powder coated black. Anodised aluminium surfaces are harder than aluminium and have increased resistance to corrosion and wear which means your greenhouse will continue to retain its pristine appearance.

Width 1.93m
Length 2.57m
Eaves Height 1.24m
Ridge Height 2.3m

Growing area 5m squared