Synodontis Negrita Gold (Single)


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Synodontis nigrita, known as the false upside down catfish, is a species of upside-down catfish that occurs widely in northern Africa. It was first described by French zoologist Achille Valenciennes in 1840. The fish has three pairs of barbels. The maxillary barbels are on located on the upper jaw, and two pairs of mandibular barbels are on the lower jaw. The maxillary barbel is long and straight without any branches, with a broad membrane at the base. It extends to a length about 1 to ​1 23 times the length of the head. The outer pair of mandibular barbels is about twice the length of the inner pair, and both pairs have short, simple branches. In the wild, the species has been found throughout northern Africa.

  • Specialised tank
  • 5-7cm

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Dimensions 5 cm