Speed Sledge with Steering Wheel – Green


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This sturdy PVC snow sledge will give the little ones, and Mum and Dad of course, a great fun time outside in the snow. The sledge is equipped with not only an easy to grip steering wheel that controls the two front ski runners, but also a couple of handbrakes, one left and one right. You can use these to make more severe turns when racing your friends down the slopes, or pull them both to use as a break and slow down. Included is a front mounted pulley cord and handle, which conveniently tucks away inside its own holder. At just over 1 metre long this sledge is designed for children and adults alike. You could get two kids on board as the seat is half the length of the sledge at 50cm. There is a little back rest built in to stop you sliding off and the overall quality of the sledge is superb, well made and very sturdy.