Quaruba XL Mobile Outdoor Fire


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Without a doubt, this is THE BEST outdoor wood-burning heater we have had the pleasure to use. 

Unlike most outdoor fires / chimeneas, which give tend to simply send all the heat up the chimney – these outdoor fireplace have fire brick internal linings
Which retains the heat, and radiate it out into the area. With a fully enclosed design, there are no opening for flames or sparks to jump out.

Configurable as you wish, with 1 | 2 | 3 or 4 glazed sides
We find the 3 Sides glass performs the best, fire viewable Front | Left | Right + the performance of the rear fire blocks for best heat radiation

We have chosen to stock the 3 sides glass model – as this gives the perfect combination or glass & heat blocks
And is available from stock – delivered to you the next day – sometimes same day !
Any combination of Glass & Solid walls available as a special order (7-10 Days)
Please call 0116 267 7091

3 Sided Glazed
Solid Rear
Including Fire Blocks To Rear
Integral Log Storage
Wheeled Base
CorTen Rusted Finish

Package Included With Stock Model
Standard Fire (3 Steel Walls + Glass Fronted Door) £ 1,315
Upgrade To 3 Glass Sides £ 150 Included
Fire Blocks To Rear £ 125 Included
CorTen Rust Finish £ 30 Included
Fire Blocks To Base Included
1 No. 1m Chimney Pipe Included
1 No. 1m Chimney Pipe With Control Valve | Damper Included
Airspoiler Above Glass Included
Bottom Plate | Log Shelf Included
Rainhood For Top Chimney Pipe Included

This version with 4-wheels is easy moved. In addition, the platform for the wheels can also be used as storage for firewood.
Wheels can easily be removed if you wish