Pontec Compact Water Feature Pump 1200


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For Statuary and decorative fountains. Indoors and outdoors. Compact, quiet, powerful and mechanically adjustable

  • Adjustable flow rate on all models
  • Large lifts and low running costs
  • Includes hose connections (details of which sizes can be found on the tech specs)
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor water features
  • Includes 10m power cable
  • Dry installation possible on the 3 larger models (2000, 3000, 5000)

Further information can be found on the product tech specs.

Model Max Flow Rate (l/h) Flow rate at 1m (l/h) Max Lift Wattage Hose Connection
300 300 0 0.7m 5w 13mm
600 600 120 1.25m 11w 13mm
800 800 420 1.6m 20w 13+17+19mm
1200 1200 600 2.0m 25w 13+17+19mm
2000 2000 1350 2.2m 32w 19+25mm
3000 3000 2100 3.0m 55w 19+25mm
5000 5000 3720 3.1m 82w 19+25mm

Please note that as an outdoor electrical item, this product is not supplied with a plug.

Product Highlights

This product comes with a 2-year warranty.