Pearl Gourami (Single Fish) Click & Collect




These fish reach about 12 centimetres (4.7 in) The body is a brownish-silver colour, covered in a pearl-like pattern with a distinct black line running from the fish’s head, and gradually thinning towards the caudal fin. This fish’s appearance has given rise to many popular names, such as the lace gourami and the mosaic gourami. The pearl gourami is native to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia (where it is found on the islands of Sumatra, and Borneo). It occurs in lowland swamps with acidic water. This fish prefers the top and middle levels of the water.

A tank with a volume of 120 litres (30 gallons) or over is generally recommended for a pair of pearl gouramis, although anything above that volume is greatly recommended, since these fish may show signs of stress, abnormal aggression, and illness when confined. Preferred tank temperatures are 22–28°C.

  • Community fish
  • Large tank
  • Friendly
  • 5-6cm

Additional information

Dimensions 5 cm