Mexican Rub – Angus & Oink BBQ Rub



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Angus and Oink represent a passion for BBQ and authenticity, the team focus on delivering a distinct flavour using fiendishly researched ingredients and tasty chillies. They don’t use thickeners, preservatives or colouring agents. Luscious foods such as Texas BBQ brisket, smoked & Pulled Pork, Cajun seafood classics, West Indian curries & snacks and Mexican Epic Tacos are all within reach.

This Mexican is deep, dark and furious. Rich in eclectic Mexican flavours, punches hard which lime, chipotle and ancho chilli. Smooth with cumin and oregano and sweet with tomato and orange.

Cover your chicken in this powder and roast for shredding into tacos, add a squirt of lime juice and fresh salad. Also great for roast pork shoulder with a splash of orange juice and tomato for a mexican stew.

Use to marinate meat, fish, shrimp or vegetables for grilling, roasting or slow cooking. Make a paste with olive oil and lemon juice and lather it on to your chosen moist meat.

200g Tub