Levington Water-Saving Bark Chippings 75L 3 Bag Deal (225 Litres)


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Levington Water-Saving Decorative Bark

Longer lasting, large size chips of bark produced from renewable resources. Decorative bark provides water retaining mulch, with large chips helping retain water within the soil beneath, as well as suppressing weeds.

Not only a natural by-product but it is also an excellent choice that can help to enhance the appearance of your garden.

Long lasting and excellent at suppressing weeds. Ideal for flower beds, borders and paths.

Valuable water within the soil or compost is often lost. By placing a layer of bark, essential water is retained.

Extreme weather conditions can often cause soil erosion, damaging the precious roots of your plants. A layer of bark can protect your plants and also the top layer of the soil.

£7.99 per bag, 3 bag deal