Lafuma R Clip – DOUBLE PACK – Tilleul Light Green – Batyline Multi-Position Relaxer


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The Lafuma R Clip is the perfect relaxer for optimum relaxation. The multi-position relaxer fits well in any garden setting whether it be on the lawn, by the pool or on the patio. With it’s folding capabilities it is compact when not in use making storage easier and perfect for on road trips. The ‘zero-gravity’ position gives maximum comfort with the legs placed slightly above the heart making circulation easier. The Lafuma patented clip suspension system provides users with firmer comfort, very good back support and gives the fabric a longer lifespan with easy clipping / unclipping of the fabric.

The Batyline fabric is specially designed for outdoor furniture and combines exceptional resistance to UV exposure and ripping. Its open weave promotes quick drying and is simply cleaned with warm soapy water.