Kamado Joe Classic JoeTisserie


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The durable cast aluminium JOEtisserie transforms the Kamado Joe Classic into a new kind of spit, harnessing the self-basting action of a rotisserie inside the Kamado Joe’s signature high-fire ceramic body for meals that are smoky, juicy and tender.

With a quiet-but-powerful motor that can spin up to 50 pounds of chicken, prime rib or Boston butt, the innovative JOEtisserie features a distinctive wedge shape so cooks can seal off the Kamado dome for optimal heat retention.

The durable spit rod is easy to install and features quickly adjustable forks for excellent balance, and the constant, steady rotation preserves the meat’s natural juices for an even cook.

A Perfect Fit
Designed for an easy, airtight fit with no modification to your grill, the wedge-shaped JOEtisserie makes it easy to grill over open flame without the hassles of you having to turn or spin anything. The game-changing accessory, which is already a hit with grill-aficionados, features a convenient motor and dishwasher-safe skewer with adjustable fittings.

To fit the Classic 18″ grills.

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