Garlic Butter Seasoning – Angus & Oink BBQ Rub



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Angus and Oink represent a passion for BBQ and authenticity, the team focus on delivering a distinct flavour using fiendishly researched ingredients and tasty chillies. They don’t use thickeners, preservatives or colouring agents. Luscious foods such as Texas BBQ brisket, smoked & Pulled Pork, Cajun seafood classics, West Indian curries & snacks and Mexican Epic Tacos are all within reach.

Until you have experienced this rubbed all over a spinning rotisserie chicken and dipped the moist chicken meat into the juices you have not lived!

Buttery garlic and herb powers a superbly balanced rub for anything and anyone that likes Garlic Butter. Think chicken Kiev filling. Think garlic bread! Insane on white fish, chicken wings or whole chickens and turkey. Garlic butter on steaks at the end is amazing. This would be the ultimate on your Christmas Bird or on roast potatoes.

210g Tub