Davos 83cm Traditional Beech Wood Sledge | Toboggan



The classic 83cm timber sledge.

In 1883 the first official sled race was held in Davos, Switzerland, and so became the name Davos for this kind of traditional wooden sled, sledge or toboggan. The ultimate traditional sledge.

Perfect for one rider with 52cm long seating slats.

The runners at 33cm wide overall are slightly wider than the 29.5cm wide seat, making it very stable indeed. The 5 seat rails form a 52 x 29.5cm slatted seating area, and all the beech wood timber has chamfered edges making it splinter free for the kids & comfortable to hold on any section. Galvanized steel runners sit under timber bottom runners held with countersunk screws, forming a fast gliding sledge that’s easy to steer. This model has 2 pairs of support legs from the seat to the runners, braced with galvanized steel supports for added strength. 2 Red PVC end caps finish off the design where the runners curl up to meet the top frame, this protects the joint and helps you see the sledge in deep snow. A steel foot bar at the front, has a bend in the centre, with tow string.

A sledge to be proud of that will provide a lifetime of winter fun for all ages.