Charnwood Forest Lumpwood Charcoal


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Made as a by-product of the work managing the Park woodlands and Swithland Wood, we make our own barbecue charcoal using a kiln located at Bradgate Park. The process converts much of the small diameter hardwood timber from our work (that previously would have been burnt as waste) into Charnwood Forest Charcoal. This products comes from sustainably managed woodlands and is not treated with harmful chemicals, which can be the case with imported charcoal. By buying locally, you know that your barbecue has “low BBQ miles” and the income from this is supporting the Charity’s work to care for the Bradgate Park Estate.

Please order online and we will deliver to your front door – Birstall (Leicestershire) & Surrounding Villages Only

Local deliveries take place most days during the week Mon to Fri, usually within a few days

Local artisan charcoal, bag weight varies with density of timbers used, varies between 2 & 4 kg